Note to Self

How true is this?  Something I need to remember on days when I get frustrated and annoyed because I don’t always have the energy to do certain things, interact with people and respond to situations in the way that I once did.  I can still climb that hypothetical mountain but I need to accept that … Continue reading Note to Self

One Year On

It’s been over a year since I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and subsequently diagnosed with primary progress multiple sclerosis.  Going back into ‘the real world’ had been a very daunting experience after my discharge a month later and for many weeks I was in a wheelchair before progressing to a walking frame … Continue reading One Year On

Burning Issues

It has now been four months since that monstrosity of a blister appeared on my left heel and I’m happy to say that the ‘kiwifruit’ has now shrunk to the size of a grain of rice.  I do however occasionally wear the “orrtottic” boot as my heel still has a tingly numbness and a slightly … Continue reading Burning Issues

A Word (or two) About Income Protection Insurance

Thankfully my WINZ experience ended before I went completely round the bend. Maybe I got sucked in by the TV commercials saturating Australian television promising “peace of mind in times of uncertainty and stress” or possibly I experienced an uncharacteristic attack of astute financial foresight.  Either way, I was grateful that I decided when I … Continue reading A Word (or two) About Income Protection Insurance