In the midst of this pandemic, hearing constant Covid news Irritating buzzwords are creeping into use Go hard, go early, crush the curve, halt the virus spread Social distance, stay indoors, work from home instead Close the bars and restaurants, lock the borders down Save your outings only for essential trips to town Break the … Continue reading Buzzwords


I arrived at work one morning and my boss took me aside He said: “We’re in a bad recession and we’re on the downward slide” I’d known for quite a while that their funds were not abundant Yet still it was a shock to learn that I’d been made redundant I cleared away my desk … Continue reading The GFC

My Frustrating Things

Personal tax cuts and broadband made faster Is this a godsend or fiscal disaster? Election year bribes that are tied up with spin Aren’t on the list of my favourite things Changes to rules for financial advisors Extra policeman and teacher pay rises Working for Families, more for our schools Why not beforehand? We voters … Continue reading My Frustrating Things


Today has been the sort of day that must have come from hell I made a call to Telecom and have a tale to tell It started when I checked my mail by electronic means To my surprise, before my eyes was spam in the extreme! A large appendage most proclaimed, would start my life … Continue reading Yahoo!!