It came upon a midnight dreary My brain is wired but spirit weary I’ve tossed I’ve turned, I’ve counted sheep But only had an hour’s sleep It came around to 1:08 I’m worried now and in a state Money isn’t that abundant What if I got made redundant? Could I survive on DPB? Perhaps I’ll … Continue reading INSOMNIA!


I arrived at work one morning and my boss took me aside He said: “We’re in a bad recession and we’re on the downward slide” I’d known for quite a while that their funds were not abundant Yet still it was a shock to learn that I’d been made redundant I cleared away my desk … Continue reading The GFC

The Guilty Game

As many people go through life, they play The Guilty Game Deciding who is innocent and who should take the blame There will always be a pitcher and a catcher on the field But the referee’s identity is always unrevealed The pitcher throws reminders of the need to toe the line If the catcher hasn’t … Continue reading The Guilty Game