Bees in Our Bonnets

3 thoughts on “Bees in Our Bonnets”

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  2. Hi Claire,
    Thanks so much for the articles you’ve written and the experiences you’ve shared.

    Am signing up with a local medical centre in Blenheim, and at 66 can only wonder what specialist health issues may come my way. I am fortunate to still be in good health after some near serious events. Just wrote this today.

    The more we know
    The more we know we don’t know
    And that’s frightening
    Considering the consequences

    All we can do is be careful
    And be positive
    And rely on the diligence of others
    To give us a chance

    If you have ever been frightened with a health condition
    You will understand.

    Thank you again and best wishes,

    1. Thank you for your comment – I understand your words! I came across a book by Anita Moorjani called Dying to Be Me which I highly recommend (Google it). All the very best, Claire

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