A Head of Steam

“You wouldn’t read about it,” said Squeak, shaking his head and making a tut-tutting noise. “We did read about it,” said Captain Obvious, Ron. “But what are we going to do about it?” I just wanted to smooth this all over as quickly as possible. Serafina jumped on top of the rusted wheelbarrow which she … Continue reading A Head of Steam

The Gingernuts

Ron comes out of the kitchen and I immediately know that there’s something wrong.  He’s not licking his lips which I take as a clear sign that he hasn’t eaten the remains of the steak and kidney Jimbos I’d deliberately left in my bowl.  This out-of-character behaviour is not lost on Squeak who attempts to … Continue reading The Gingernuts

The Isolation Flat

The summons comes at 3:30pm on Friday 24th April 2020 from Serafina Pekkala.  Named rather aptly after the queen of a clan of witches, Serafina considers herself the kingpin in our group of neighbourhood cats and today she has called an emergency meeting to discuss our Pandemic Plan. Neither Ron, Squeak nor I have the … Continue reading The Isolation Flat


This story is longer than usual, but I’ve got that much news I literally don’t know where to start! I suppose it all started on Christmas Day when Mummy was given a very special Christmas present by her daughter.  It was a framed portrait of me painted by a local artist!  I didn’t get to … Continue reading Scarface


Mummy had to go to hospital a few weeks ago. She was gone for over a week! Of course, she had someone come to look after me, but I was just so worried, particularly after what happened last time when she was taken away for a whole month! Even though I was still just a … Continue reading C.A.T.