Exemptions, Extubations, Advertisements and Infusions

5 thoughts on “Exemptions, Extubations, Advertisements and Infusions”

  1. Great article, Claire, and beautifully written 🙂
    I’m so pleased everything’s now going well with your beautiful grandbaby. Give Kate my love for being such a courageous mother for her wee family, it’s not easy xx

  2. Hi Claire, what a journey you have been on. I hope little Eta is doing well again now!!!!! And I wonder how your Disease Modifying therapy went??? I read this ages ago but really not keeping up any more but have been thinking about you. Love Sue

  3. Dear Claire

    Many thanks for your post. I hope your granddaughter is doing well still.

    I was somewhat taken aback by the Fingolimod medication you are on as it is such a mouthful of a word. I thought I would have a look at its chemistry. I see it is essentially neuro-toxic so question how it can be of any use.

    The vaccines, if they contain anything at all, will also be neuro-toxic as I have checked the ingredients as far as possible.

    My own body was affected by neuro-toxins via sodium nitrite (E250) in bacon I ate which let to the much more toxic nitro-samines so I suffered the facial palsy I now have on the left side of my face, although it only came after about 8 years of eating the bacon, not realising what I was doing to myself.

    It has made me very tired although things are improving as I seek to detox. The wretched NHS misdiagnosed me with a cancer and gave me immuno-therapy which I stopped after 9 sessions once I worked out what was actually wrong with me (no thanks to the doctors). I now suspect the therapy may well have damaged my pituitary gland as there is now an imbalance between the pituitary and the thyroid.

    Kind regards

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