Striking a Nerve

As hard as I try to stay positive about my MS, I have to be honest and say that the last couple of weeks have been a challenge.  The problem with something like MS is that symptoms that “normal” people suffer (like my current problem which feels like a pinched nerve), immediately get filed under … Continue reading Striking a Nerve

Still Able to

A Facebook post with a video of a deaf girl telling her story about how she became deaf and then singing so beautifully on one of the reality shows, got me thinking. The friend who posted it made the observation that running their first half marathon seemed like a very small achievement in comparison. I … Continue reading Still Able to

Two Years On

Two years today since that crazy time when I was sitting in Christchurch Public Hospital wondering what the hell the future had in store for me. The most frightening thing for me wasn’t learning that I had multiple sclerosis. It was that my MRI results would be reviewed and reported and that I would be … Continue reading Two Years On