The Isolation Flat

We had been summoned by Serafina to an emergency meeting to discuss our Pandemic Plan. It wasn’t something any of us were anticipating with uncontained enthusiasm, but we dutifully went along at the allotted time to hear what she had to say. We sat down and Serafina at once became businesslike and addressed the group. … Continue reading The Isolation Flat


This story is longer than usual, but I’ve got that much news I literally don’t know where to start! I suppose it all started on Christmas Day when Mummy was given a very special Christmas present by her daughter.  It was a framed portrait of me painted by a local artist!  I didn’t get to … Continue reading Scarface

The Cat Thief

Serafina was very disappointed that most of the local cats had forgotten about the Society for the Prevention of Un-Neutered Cats which had been over-shadowed by pre-Christmas festivities and the unwelcome arrival of a crime wave in the village. “It’s not only mail that’s going missing,” said a wide-eyed Serafina one morning. “A house has … Continue reading The Cat Thief